Second Combat - Infidelity | Power of Rhythm

Second Combat - Infidelity

Looking out at the sea of head's at the fest
Im pretty sure I can count, people of colours
With my two hands (with my two hands)
And I can count all the women with one hand
Im left wondering why so few ladies of colours
In this crowd

Didnt we learned from 13 May,
Our fathers were killed in the rage of race
The act of degradation
Fear for difference
Had been expected Discrimination
In the name of racism and sexism

Expect the most out of each other
To live this different lives
Trusted me not to be afraid
So we can dance together
And forgetting the traditional right
Becoming the newest most powerful force
All their legalized racist politics are disgrace


Prejudice and discrimination
negative manifestation of integrative power
Tear people apart
people completely unaware of another person when there
Isnt any relationship at all
Dominations of one nation control this institution of one
Race dominations
the integrations achieved through hatred, fear and the threat
Seeing in military, patriotism and nationalism
and any situations of negativity
Which we reject that in the hardcore scene
pathological situations of internal violence
Often perpetuated through this society itself
while this obvious and destructive
When it occurs in majority in the hardcore scene

Prejudice and discrimination
Politics and corruptions
Racism and sexism
Infestation for powers
Better vision of solidarity
If we fight infidelity


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