Matematik - Stay With Me | Power of Rhythm

Matematik - Stay With Me

I look into the sky
I see something that can fly
When I look into your eyes
I see myself inside

Oh dear can you hear me
I scream your name loudly
I want you to know that I will always
Missing you.. dreaming about you
And I wish you will listen to this and stay

Stay with me.. dance with me
I want you to come around
Well I hope this song could reach you out
And this song could make you smile

The bright light inside
Still keep me inline
The nightmare has gone
Now its time for me to shine

All I want is to wish you well
Don't let them see you cry
And I will always.. always believe in you

And I dreaming a picture of you
Emerges in darkness
And I screaming you name

I hope that you will always.. you will always
Always smile
Don't let them see how you fall
Be more stronger
I wish you all the best

Away into the gravity
Away into the sky
Flying high

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