Lucy In The Loo - Loser Lullaby | Power of Rhythm

Lucy In The Loo - Loser Lullaby

Days go by, and I still remain the same
I sit here and cry, while i eagerly keep wondering

Why you had to go? why you’d hurt me so?

I can’t sit here and wait cuz I know
You won’t be coming home

i know I’ve done you wrong, but i’ve told you that I’m sorry
and it’s been so long, i don’t think i can go on

am i not good enough? i know it’s all so tough
i can’t ask for one last chance cuz I know
that you won’t be coming home

i guess this is the end, there’s no use of crying
and i’ll try to forget all the things that ever happened
but still i love you so, i wish i could let go

so i’ll wave you goodbye and my only friend
is this lullaby

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