Hunny Madu - Miss Strong | Power of Rhythm

Hunny Madu - Miss Strong

we like that so can you teach us that x 2

(chorus) x 2
I am miss strong
but maybe I am wrong
you are miss strong
but maybe you are wrong

(verse 1)
Ooh hot face
I crawl up on your TV
I take on your radio
We'll play this story
The kind in movies
Imma get this acting game on
throw the script we add on
baby, hold my hair
wave me side swept
let me do my thing
Im the queen in this nest

(chorus) x 2

(verse 2)
I'll take a risk
it aint like picking clothes
it aint like choosing
I'm freaking licking picky
get dressed and Ill be ready
fricky licky, licky picky
schbam I know Im pretty

(chorus) x 2

we like that, so can you teach us that x 4

Ain't Nobody but you

(chorus) x 4

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